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A global partner for miners...

Welcome to the world of Bitcoin mining, where investing in mining equipment can offer you a higher return on investment than simply buying Bitcoin. Our team can assist you with all your mining needs, including miners, transformers, cables, PDUs (power distribution units), and ready-to-mine solutions.

Welcome to
HOCH Mining

About HOCH Mining

We are a global company based in Miami, FL that specializes in:

1. The sale of Bitcoin miners, accessories, and ready-to-mine solutions.

2. Infrastructure consulting for mining operations.

3. Testing and repair of miners.

Our corporate team has over 7 years of experience in the mining industry and has successfully developed multiple large-scale projects with an impeccable reputation. At Hoch Mining, we strive to make mining a safe and profitable activity by offering a variety of equipment options and personalized guidance to ensure that our customers choose the miner that best suits their needs.

We differentiate ourselves through our commitment to building trusted relationships with customers, addressing all their questions about Bitcoin mining.

Although we primarily focus on the Latin American and Caribbean markets, we extend our services to companies and individuals worldwide.

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Our Services

Equipment Sale

New and used
mining equipment
  • We provide a broad range of miners and accessories to enhance the success potential of your mining farm. With access to a substantial inventory of both new and used items, we offer competitive pricing to meet your needs.

Mining Consulting

We help you
develop & grow
  • We offer guidance in choosing the right mining infrastructure and miners, and assist with the step-by-step setup of your mining farm. We can also help optimize and improve your mining operations.

Equipment Repair

We test and
repair miners
  • We can test your newly purchased miners for functionality before shipping, ensuring immediate operation upon arrival and peace of mind. Additionally, we can repair, revive, and maintain your miners as needed.

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The power of Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining is the process by which new bitcoins are created, and transactions are added to the blockchain. Investing in new or used miners and placing them in a secure, managed facility allows customers to earn Bitcoin rewards. Our providers have a unique profit-sharing model, with the percentage varying based on the equipment model, fostering a mutually beneficial business relationship.

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We have the miners that you need

Mining Bitcoin offers advantages over direct BTC buying. Unlike purchasing Bitcoin, mining gives ownership of physical miners, whose value fluctuates with Bitcoin's price. Investors can resell these assets for profits or reinvest. After achieving ROI, mining continues to generate Bitcoin without extra capital, ensuring consistent income. Additionally, mining provides a hedge against Bitcoin's price fluctuations, offering more consistent returns compared to the volatility faced with direct investment.

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We Sell Ready-to-Mine Solutions

Ready-to-mine Bitcoin containers provide an all-in-one solution for cryptocurrency mining. Equipped with mining hardware, cooling systems, and power supplies, these containers simplify the process, making it appealing to both new and experienced miners. The portability allows for flexibility in location, taking advantage of lower energy costs. Ready-to-mine containers offer a convenient and efficient entry into the world of Bitcoin mining.

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Our Team

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Opening hours

  • Mon–Fri: 9:00 am–5:00 pm EST